When I started out as a speaker three years ago and as I began building my online course, I never expected this: that I’d be so captivated by the art and creativity of cinematography.

Creating videos to bring you on my journey of change and show you what’s possible in life has given me a creative outlet that I never imagined.

I never set out to make videos. I set out to be a speaker.

I never imagined I’d be making videos daily. I imagined I’d be a writer.

I never knew I had such a passion for the drama of video. I thought my passion was blogging.

DARETOGROW has given me the opportunity to express myself in a way I never expected.

What I’ve learnt through this is that we must always leave room for that unique spark of creativity when stepping out on our journey of change. We can’t know everything and we certainly can’t map it all out.

Our job, therefore, is to express who we are, follow our passions and answer the call of creativity.

In today’s vlog, come with us as we travel to the middle of England and spend one glorious night in a Mongolian Yurt in -2 degrees.




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In 2015 my doctor diagnosed me with depression and said I might be bi-polar. He offered me medication but it wasn’t the right solution for me. Instead, I went running, I stopped watching the news, I got into nature, I set a bold new vision for my life, I followed my passions and I started to express my truth. Just over two years later and I no longer have depression. I now live in Tynemouth, I still go running (now it’s along that gorgeous beach) and I make a living doing what I love: teaching people how to change their lives.

Also obsessed with dogs and vegan baking. Of course.



In my ‘daily vlogs’, I bring you behind the scenes as I continue to change my life and build my dream business. Each day I show you a new technique for changing your life, making a living doing what you love or building your dream life.

Each Sunday I also share a Q&A Sunday, answering one of your specific questions. You can send me your questions to lisa@daretogrow.co.uk

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