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Introducing The DARETOGROW Change Programme

You know that dream you have? The one that will change people’s lives, including your own? It’s time to make it a reality. No more hiding, no more wishful thinking – the time to act is now.

You know that decision you’ve been avoiding? The one that will set you free to build your dream life? It’s time to make the call on it. No more procrastination, no more settling for average – the time to decide is now.

You know that person you want to be? The one you know you are deep inside? It’s time to step into that person. No more blending in, no more self-sabotage – the time to step up is now.

Join me, Lisa Bean, on this 12-month journey of change and transform every aspect of your life. Face up to who you are, take control of your mindset, bring your passion to light and begin living your dream life.


Introducing…the DARETOGROW Change Programme


In this 12-month programme, which launches on 6th July, you will change what you do, how you think and the way you make decisions. You will make new friends, develop new skills and learn new strategies for success. You will take bold decisions, you’ll conquer self-limiting thoughts and you will leave self-sabotaging rituals behind. Ultimately, you will rewire your brain and change your bio-chemical make-up so that you can step into the person you know you can be and live the life you know you can live, on every level.

Sound good? Well then we need to get started because change takes time. It also takes commitment and it takes grit. It’s hard, overwhelming at times and difficult to understand and this is because changing your life and building your dreams goes against everything you’ve been taught by teachers, parents and society. We’ve all been raised to fit in, to get a good job and settle down. Well, that’s not what I want from my life – is it what you want from yours? I want financial freedom, I want wealth, I want to live abroad rather than work to holiday abroad. I want happiness all the time, not just on evenings and weekends. I want to make a living from my passion, I don’t want a job. I want to change the world, I don’t want to follow suit. I want to run my own life on my own terms and earn a living doing it.

What do you want?

If you have a dream, or an idea, or a fantasy for your life, if you know you are capable of more than you are demonstrating, if you want the freedom to live life on your terms, join me on the DARETOGROW Change Programme and change your life forever.

We start by understanding the stages of change and why you haven’t been able to make your dream a reality yet. Then, through videos, downloads, webinars and live events you’ll uncover your purpose, set meaningful goals and set about making micro-changes day by day. We’ll tackle your mindset, the way you see and treat your body, the relationships you have, how you spend your time and your beliefs about what’s possible. 12 months from today, the transformation will be in full swing.

How do I know this works? I’ve just been through this programme over the last 12 months. From being broke, living at my parents working 80-hour weeks and having suffered with depression for nearly five years I have changed every aspect of my life. I now live out my dream every day: I tour the UK delivering DARETOGROW events, I write daily, I take holidays every month, I earn a five-figure monthly income with no debt / expenses, I’m in an incredibly loving, passionate and honest relationship, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and I eat and drink amazing foods. A year ago, this all seemed like a pipe dream: it was; I laughed and told myself it wasn’t possible. Other people laughed too.

And then, three things happened to me that changed my life forever. These three things resulted in me taking responsibility for what was happening in my life, making decisions that would hurt in the short term and taking new actions almost every day. The aggregate effect has been incredible.

Now, I’m not guaranteeing you’re going to make it first time, or even second time. In fact, it’s taken me 5 years to even realise what I want from life. I’ve been high and low. I’ve been rich and poor but the chances are that you’ve already spent 5 years thinking about this before landing on this page, this video, this programme. The chances are that you’ve had enough of mediocrity. The chances are – you’re ready to make the changes right now to live your dreams.

Funnily enough, I would never be here running this programme without the year I’ve just been through: it made me and it connected me with people I would never normally meet. It changed me as a person. Throughout the programme, then, I’ll be dropping in bonus material on specific topics such as ‘how I cleared £70k of debt’, ‘how to build an online business’ and ‘how to find your perfect partner’. I have been building and running businesses for five years but I’ve learnt more in the last year than I have in my entire life: about myself, about how the universe operates and about what it really takes to live your dream life.

During the course of the programme, you can join me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. You can meet me at the live events and you can join the monthly webinars. You can email me, ask me questions and benefit from a huge range of tools I’ll be sharing including visualisations, meditations, recipes, coaching sessions and motivational talks.

Oooh, I’m starting to feel really excited, are you?

Sign up to my mailing list, or connect with me on social media and next week’s, I’ll share the course outline.

I so hope you join me. It’s £30 a month for 12 months to change your entire outlook, approach and way of living life. And that includes everything!! 12 live events (currently running in Newcastle & Manchester), 12 webinars, the downloads, the videos, the visualisations, the group coaching sessions. Oh my gooooodnesss!!

And by the way, the tools, techniques and ideas I will share with you this year will change your life forever because they will change you as a person. No-one can take that away from you. Ever.

Let’s do this.


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