Quote about accepting gifts

Accepting gifts from the Universe is permitting your own progress

I’ve had an amazing day!!

I started my day by helping an awesome client to develop a company-wide marketing strategy, had some lunch and then met with a new coaching client over a hot drink. I finished the day with a run around Stratford (my goals are still in focus ‘on location’), some holiday shopping, a meal for one and of course some writing.

This was all very cool – helping people with skills you have is an awesome feeling (and I loved both my meetings) but my day was amazing for quite another reason altogether.

This morning it was chucking it down with rain. The client site is a thirty minute walk from my hotel and I didn’t have an umbrella. I asked at reception if they had any spare and they said: “too late, they’re all gone”. “Typical luck” I thought, “I knew I should have gotten up earlier”, before I caught myself and then corrected my thinking to: “This is fine, I will find an umbrella quickly and will arrive at my meeting dry and happy”.

I did this as a result of reading Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”, which I’ve referenced a lot this month. It’s an awesome book and it’s really helping me to recognise destructive patterns in my own thinking that could be holding me back.

The chapter I was reading last night was about ‘prosperity’ and the basic idea is that you will be granted what you think you deserve in life. Louise writes: “If we do not accept the idea that we deserve to prosper, then even when abundance falls in our laps, we will refuse it somehow”. How many times have you had something happen, and then the opposite happen which cancels out the original positive thing? As an example, you received some money and then a new, unexpected bill popped up that almost equalled that original amount you received? That has happened to me before and it’s reflective of what we think we do / do not deserve.

Louise is a big fan of affirmations and she encourages readers to ‘affirm’ what they want in a positive statement, and believe they deserve it. In the chapter she explained we need to ask for what we want, expect to get it (because we deserve it) and then start to acknowledge (and accept) the signs that demonstrate that the Universe is tuning into us. You don’t always get the big thing right away, you’ll get smaller amounts as a reflection of your thinking. As you begin to believe you can have more, so it will be provided. She therefore wrote “rejoice in the small, new beginnings”, and “be sure you are not rejecting prosperity now. If a friend invites you to lunch or dinner accept with joy and pleasure…keep the flow of things moving through you….just smile and say ‘thank you’. In this way, you let the Universe know you are ready to receive your good”.

And so, crossing the road whilst avoiding the splashes from the London buses I said “someone will offer me their umbrella”. Crazy, I know, but what happens next is crazier! I felt a presence approaching me from over my right shoulder. With my coat over my head my peripheral vision was somewhat impaired so I stopped and turned 180. It was a man with an umbrella. He said to me: “here you go, let me get you across the road to the shop where you can buy an umbrella”. Normally in these situations, ‘stranger danger’ would kick in and I’d politely decline but in this instance, it was what I asked for and so I accepted the sign from the Universe and let him convoy me across the road under the shelter of his umbrella. I was so moved I know I thanked him an unusual amount of times as I walked into the shop and bought my own umbrella.

The Universe really does respond to your direct request. Make a request, know you deserve it and then watch out for it coming.

I’ve been making requests all day long!! Thank you please.


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