DARETOGROW Change Programme Launching

12 days until the online change programme launches!

Calling the day dreamers, the innovators, the creators, the movers and the shakers. I built this network for you.

When you feel lost or stuck or scared or anxious DARETOGROW will be here for you. When you feel like you’re the only one who wants more from life DARETOGROW will be here for you. When you just need to be around the right energy DARETOGROW will be here for you.

This network is yours, mine, ours. It’s for people who want to change their lives, change the world and break the mould.

When you think your idea is too big, I will dare you to think bigger. When you’re worried about what people think, I will remind you that fear keeps you locked in mediocrity. When you want to stop, I will remind you why you started.

My name is Lisa Bean and I am on a mission to change the world by empowering you to follow your dreams. I will help prepare your mind for change, and share with you the secrets of those who broke the mould and changed the world. I will never stop and will never slow down. I am with you on this journey to make your dream life a reality.

This is just the beginning and if you’re joining the network in July, you are helping me to define it, you’re fueling the movement: you’re changing the world. Help me to help you. Let’s build a place where it’s safe to dream, where innovation becomes the status quo and were failure is celebrated as a bloody good first effort!

Find out more about the DARETOGROW network here and get ready to join on 6th July!

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