Powerful guided visualisation exercise

Powerful Visualisation Exercise

I’ve had quite a few emails this week asking me for a recording of the visualisation exercise I led at this month’s DARETOGROW event and so I decided to re-record it for you, for maximum impact.

Visualisation exercises are INCREDIBLY powerful; life changing in fact. Your ability to visualise your dreams will serve as a catalyst for making them a reality. The reason they work is that they drum up deep rooted ambitions you have for your life in a space of no-limitations, but more than that: they work on a sub-conscious level. Your sub-conscious brain cannot tell the difference between ‘real-life’ and ‘imagination’ and so it will serve up emotional and psychology responses to what you visualise. This makes your dream life all the more inevitable.

Some key points before you begin:

  • The exercise is ten minutes long
  • This is your visualisation exercise and your imagination knows no limits
  • Find a quiet comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed
  • I haven’t used any music or sounds in the background as I don’t want to influence you with my ideas
  • Do not do this whilst driving, or doing an activity that requires your focus
  • It might be worth having a notepad or journal nearby for once you’ve completed the exercise so you can write down what came to mind
  • Enjoy it and do it as often as you like



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