Decision to try

What if you could…

What if you could make a plan and follow it to accomplish your wildest dreams?

What if you could forgive yourself, or him, or her for what happened and decided to move on positively, letting go of all blame?

What if you could forget you were scared of speaking in public and speak in front of 500, 1000, 10000 people?

What if you could control those cravings, start with some gentle exercise and begin working towards your ideal body shape?

What if you could say no and take back your time to do marvelous things for you, your family and the world?

What if you could smile, get up and conquer the feeling of depression day by day?

What if you could make more sales, reduce your expenditure and save more cash to invest in your dreams?

What if you could take a course, or read a book or join a class to learn a new skill that would turn it all around for you?

What if you could control the voices in your head and respond to only the positive ideas and suggestions to build self esteem and confidence?

What if you could sit in silence, ask that big question and realise the answer was inside you the whole time?

What if you could learn to feel vulnerable, trust that person and build a loving life together?

What if you could see into the future at the life you’re building, asses it and make changes now to alter the outcome?

What if you asked the universe for something and it was delivered to you at the exact moment you needed it most?

What if you asked for help and got it?

What if you stopped avoiding the thing you’re avoiding and got it done?

What if you answered one of these questions right now, took a new action and changed your life?

What if?

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