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When the time comes…you must let go of your old life

When the time comes, you must let go of your old life to live your new life.

But that’s stage 5. In this blog, I’m going to share with you the 5 stages we all follow when changing our lives. Including stage 5 – letting go of our old life. 

STAGE 1 – Ask for what you do want

So often in life we just go with the flow. Floating down the stream of life without consciously decided where we want to end up. Most often because we’re just doing what’s expected of us or what people ask of us. Then one day we wake up and realise we’re way off course or, better, we’re heading towards a waterfall and we take a fall.

Better? How can this be better?

Believe it or not, these falls are a good thing because they really wake us up from drifting. You see, when you realise you’re off course, or you don’t have what you want in life, it creates contrast. Contrast is important. It helps you see what do want in life.

You don’t want to be in debt anymore? Good! That must mean you want more money, more disposable income or more freedom. And we can work with that.

You’re tired of being tired? Good! That must mean you want more energy, more excitement or more inspiration! And we can work with that.

You’re not happy with depression any longer. Good! That must mean you want to feel happy, peaceful and even bliss. And we can work with that.

It’s time to wake up in that boat, recognise what you don’t want and make a statement of intent for what you do want.


STAGE 2 – Get into a peak state

From here, it’s time to change your state. By focusing on what you don’t want, you can feel flat, demotivated and fed up and it’s hard to change in that state, right? This is because our thoughts are energy. Think negative thoughts and you’ll feel flat. It’s a fact. To change, we need to get into a higher state, a more positive state, a state where we’ll take action.

I use running, reading motivational books, my vision book, affirmations and motivational content on You Tube to get into this state. So, in the morning when I wake up I sometimes feel sad and low. I have no idea why that is – I think it’s years of conditioning from when I had depression. As soon as I wake up, I make sure I read a few pages of a motivational book. If that doesn’t work, I don’t hesitate – I get on a run! I never stay in that state. It’s a downhill journey from there!


It might be something like taking a ride on your motorbike, booking a holiday,  having some alone time. This isn’t about making a change. This is about feeling good. When you feel good, energised, motivated and happy you’re ready for stage 3…

Stage 3 – Do that thing!

We all have ‘that thing’ we want to do. Launch that business. Talk to that person. Get that haircut. Post that blog. Leave that relationship. Book that trip.

Do it!! Do that thing! When you’re in this peak state you’re ten times more likely to take that big, brave action that will change your life. Because you’re in the flow, you’re aligned to your power, you believe it’s possible.

Half the battle in changing your life is getting into the state you need to be in to take an action. When you’re in that state, the action follows easily.

I’ll let you in a weird secret…

Every morning I have a hot shower – that’s not the weird part. Once I’m done, I step to the side, turn the water to ice cold and once it’s super cold I step back in and spin 360 degrees. Haha. I must sound mad but I do it because (a) it jolts me awake and gets me pumped and (b) it’s a habit that reminds me not to hesitate when building my dream life. When I put my hand in to check ‘yup, that’s ice cold’ my mind shouts ‘don’t do it, don’t d….’, before the sentence is complete I get under the icy water and I feel powerful. Ready to ‘do that thing’, ‘take that action’.

Your brain will talk you out of everything you want to do in life for lots of reasons. Get into a peak state and take action before your brain has a chance to argue.

This might be buy your domain name for your new blog, send that message, book that trip, book in with the hairdresser for ‘that haircut’. Whatever it is you want to do to change your life, do it before you have time to hesitate. (If you feel that way after reading this blog take the action, do that thing and then email me to let me know hehe!)


Stage 4 – Live it and persist

When we finally make the change, we all sit tight waiting for the results to come in. You can’t sit and wait for your dream life. You have to live it now, today and let it manifest around you.

The law of attraction says ‘you get more of what you are‘ not more of what you want. This sounds odd so let me explain. Let’s say you want a new Mercedes SLC. If you keep saying ‘I want a Mercedes SLC’, you’re actually sending out the energy that you don’t have it. You won’t be a vibrational match and the car will never arrive.

Bear with me…

If instead you start experiencing how it will feel to have that car, you’ll experience new sensations in your body – gratitude, joy – and you’ll become a vibrational match for it. When you get into this state of joy and gratitude, guess what? You’ll get inspiration for new ideas and you’ll feel ready to act on those ideas and the car will come. You see? But you can’t just sit and wait. You must focus on getting into the flow, following your bliss and taking the inspired actions that comes. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have and build on that. Bit by bit, day by day. Live it and persist.

Imagine you were gardening for example. You plant a seed, you water it, you nurture it and when a little green shoot sprouts from the ground you celebrate: ‘yeyyy, it’s growing’, you shout! You don’t shout ‘wait, what’s this? I was expecting a sunflower, this is just a shoot!’.

Give yourself a chance to grow and celebrate those shoots when they sprout. The next stage of growth will follow but you can’t skip the nature of life. Growth takes time.


Stage 5 – Let go of the anchors

As you grow and your life starts to change, you’ll have to start letting go to the ties of your old life. A time will come when you need to throw out those old clothes, quit that job, leave that environment, let go of who you were…cut your hair hehe. There is so much wander in store for you. Don’t be afraid, when the time comes, to let go of your past. If you don’t, you’ll feel torn between two worlds and you might be tempted to revert.

For example, I used run a seizable marketing agency. I had a team of eight people and we were bringing in tens of thousands every month. It was nice and I liked it but in order to become a coach, writer and transformational speaker, teaching people how to change their life online, I had to let go of that agency and the comfort it brought. I had to make room for my new life and keep my focus there.

We find comfort in what we know. Even if what we know isn’t what we enjoy. Stage 5 is about facing that fear, letting go of anchors to your past life and moving into a new phase of growth…living your dream life.


Ready? Let’s do this! Lisa x x


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