It’s not easy, no, but you’ve been called to lead

Here’s a little thought for you…Changing your life isn’t actually all that easy. Say whaaat?

Let me explain…

When changing anything in your life, there is actually quite a lot to contend with: giving up the comfort of knowing what the day will hold (security), fighting that little voice in your mind that says ‘don’t you even dare’ every time you start to dream and (fear), of course, the sheer struggle of developing (and keeping) a new habit in your life (conditioning).

The truth is that it’s not easy but it’s not meant to be easy. We need the challenges we have like paying off the debt, reaching a healthy weight or getting over depression because it’s in the journey to a better life that we become better teachers.

Isn’t it true that the people who inspire you most are not the ones with all the theory but the ones with the greatest hero story? The ones who’ve been there and experienced the real struggle of life but arose victorious.

Maybe it’s not supposed to be easy? Maybe the challenges in your life are here to help you learn an important lesson or seek out a new solution or guide you into meeting an important person?

What if everything is actually working out exactly as it should be and the experience of what you don’t want in life is actually providing a powerful contrast to show you what you do want?

Today, give up the notion that changing your life is going to be easy. Accept that it can be challenging and then dare yourself to take one action today that will bring you one step closer to your dream life.

Go on…DARETOGROW and Make Your Move

Lisa x x


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