VLOG Episode 17 – “Do it your own way”

I really believe that we all have a unique purpose. What makes it so unique is our personal journey. Don’t worry about being the best or doing what everyone else is doing to ‘keep up’. Just start sharing your journey, your experiences and your favourite things in your own way.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and never start.

Just start. The first draft of anything is always terrible anyway, haha, and once it’s perfect, it’s too late. Aim for somewhere in the middle. Your message and your energy are far more important than professional polish.

Forget what other people are doing and do what you enjoy. Do what feels good.

For me, vlogging, videos and writing feels good and I do a loooootttt of all three. I’m not big on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, for example. I dabble and keep things updated but it’s not how I’m building my movement.

Do it your way. That’s the only way to make it authentic and sustainable.

Lisa x x

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