Hitch hikers

What I learnt from two hitch hikers in Leister

Yesterday I picked up two hitch hikers.

Now wait. Before you judge “Lisa what were you THINKING?!”. Or “you’re lucky to be alive” as one friend said…

I know I know.

Its mad isn’t it?! And so out of character for me.

The truth is…I wasn’t thinking. I was half way from London to Leister, heading from one meeting in Stratford to a hotel for my Facebook Live with Alice and I was buzzing!!

I was on such a high from the trip, from the freedom I was feeling, from the work that was coming in, from the new vlogging group I’d launched on Facebook.

So I’d just been to the services and had stocked up on sandwich’s and coffee for the last leg…and as I was leaving.. there they were.

A young man and a young woman, about my age, backpacks on their back with BEAMING SMILES and GLOWING ENERGY.

They held up a sign “LEISTER” I’m thick black writing. Before I even knew what I was doing I had pulled over and thrown open the door.

“I’m heading to Leister I said, I can give you a lift”

Paul, the chap, immediately asked “You’re from Newcastle?!” in a warm Geordie accent.

“I am!” I replied with delight. A fellow Geordie on the road.

We chucked their bags in the back, and Charlotte commented with warmth: “Oh that looks like a camera bag?”.

“It is”, I beamed, I make vlogs and I’m on my way to a client shoot.

They hopped in the back and off we went.

Paul and Charlotte are travellers. They work for themselves and travel the world, on one massive adventure.

Paul writes and Charlotte models. Together they perform in schools, teaching children about road safety. They’re on a journey for freedom, for fulfilment.

So you can imagine we had a few driving values in common!

We chatted the whole journey back. About everything: Purpose, happiness, life, business, money…

Paul asked some really insightful questions that got me thinking: Is it ever possible to truly know yourself? How do you stop worrying about life? What advice would you give for finding happiness?

It was such a fab and wholesome conversation. I didn’t want it to end.

When Alice called to check in on me she was equally shocked to learn I had passengers. She grilled them, gleaning as many personal details as she could should anything happen. I knew what she was doing. Ms Columbo there!

See Lisa Live in London

Within minutes she was in the conversation and we all chatted for an hour, Alice pretending to be Oprah, interviewing the new guests on the show.

As we pulled into Leister, I pulled over near the house. We connected on Facebook, snapped this pic and I promptly headed off to the hotel to prepare for the live.

When they’re next in Newcastle, me and Alice will meet them for a beach walk.

I know it’s mad. I’ll probably never do it again. I didn’t think about what I was doing in that moment. I just followed my heart.

We’re all taught to be so scared of other people, fearing the worst. But fear is what keeps us apart. As the data shows, we’re now living IN THE MOST PEACEFUL ERA in history. But the media has you thinking it’s worse than ever.

I’m not telling you to pick up hitchhikers. All I’m saying is follow your heart every now and then. Forget the fears instilled in you by the media and take people as they come. You never know what incredible experiences it can lead to. What friendships might form. What opportunities it opens up for you.

(Written over breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Leister.)

Ps don’t forget I’m in London on 7th September. If you want to ask the questions that really matter in life, make decisions to that will change your life come and meet new people who could be friends for life, join me live for a night of TRANSFORMATION.

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