Your Infrastructure IS DEFINING your life

Now you might have heard me and Alice touch on this in the Facebook live last Thursday. It’s a BIG TOPIC for us at the moment.

And here’s why: I’m getting FRUSTRATED. I’m at that stage where the infrastructure in my life and business is creating a certain result. A good result. But in order to sustain it aaaaand grow to the next level, I need a new infrastructure. The trouble is that I’m literally BLOCKED – locked in, if you will – because of my infrastructure. So in order to reach the next level, I know I need to go deep and upgrade the very foundation of my life and my business.

Alice would say that if your purpose (your truth, your essence) isn’t coming to fruition; it’s the environment that needs to change, not your purpose. I agree wholeheartedly. And for me right now, the environmental aspect of my life is the infrastructure I have in my life and business.

I don’t want to be cryptic. I want to be really clear and open with you to show you (a) everyone goes through these blocks and (b) what I’m going to do about it.

The first step is to resolve to change; to commit to upgrading your life.

“I see you, block. Now, how do I get over, around or through you!”

The second step is to take……ACTIONNNNNN. You guessed it!!

The minute you know something isn’t working in your life or business is the very moment you take on the FULL RESPONSIBILITY for fixing it. Blaming the people, systems or processes around you only delays the process. And we don’t want delay. We want progresssss.

For instance, my Mac Book Pro is five years old and it’s getting super sloooooow. I currently edit all of my vlogs on an external hard drive and the playback is jittery to say the lease. IT DRIVES ME MAD! And I like to complain about it haha. But complaining about it won’t do any good. So, instead, I launched a course on how to vlog so I could invest in a new iMac. Not long now and I’ll be able to buy a new Mac, in cash, without any knock-on effect in my financial (villa) plan.

Q: What can you do today to get better technology or equipment in your life tomorrow? The answer isn’t always: BUY IT NOW.

The next thing that’s bugging me is TIME. I have a full on digital marketing agency that I run on the side (lol, if ‘on the side’ really exists). Companies hire me to act as their in house marketing team. It’s amazing because I get to use my skills in very challenging and often high level environments (which I love), I get more capital and have better cashflow for growing DARETOGROW (my super passion in life) annnnnd running a marketing agency with several 7-figure businesses gives me more credibility when teaching my online course. (I’m VERY PRACTICAL if you didn’t know already.) But, I can’t COPE by myself any longer so over the past 8 months I’ve trialled outsourcing work to graphic designers, social media executives, virtual assistants and even copy writers, all as an alternative to hiring. We’re even looking at ordering in ready made healthy food and getting a cleaner to allow us to use our time more productively. I’m getting closer to the solution, but I’m not there yet!

Q: What transactional activities can you outsource in your life so you can spend more time on things that will change your life or grow your business?

The other thing that’s bugging me is my health and fitness. I want to be fit. I love being fit. I like the strength and energy that comes with it. We’ve been working with an AMAZING PT once a week (and I LOVE our weekly sessions) but I know I need to do more. So me and Sasha have officially been on our first run (smashed it!), Alice has bought us wet suits so we can go swimming in the sea (LOL) and we’ve gone back to morning and evening walks which helps. I’m looking into pilates, the gym and I might even double my PT sessions. I know I need to do it to get to the next level.

Q: What do you need to upgrade spiritually, mentally and energetically in your life to get to the next level?

The point of all this? In order to change your life and move to the next level, you’ve got to grow, to change, to evolve. Things can’t stay the same if you want a different result. And the infrastructure you have in your life right now is literally and directly determining the result you’re getting.

So can I labour the point just for a second because I really want you to get this on a very practical level.

Your infrastructure is to your life is what your skeleton is to your body: It literally holds you up. If your skeleton says you’re 5’5 tall, then heels and tall hats can only take you so far. The net outcome is…you’re 5’5.

Think of it like the frame of a house. If the frame is set up for a three bedroom semi, you can’t possible expect a five bedroom detached when the job is done.

But people do this all the time. They live a certain way, do certain things but expect a different result. The result is already pre-determined by your infrastructure.

Now thankfully we can change our infrastructure more easily than we can change our skeletons!

But your infrastructure runs deep. It’s not just the foundation on which your life is built, it’s more like the blueprint which defines your life.

For example, high performers get more sleep, drink more water and exercise more than average performers. If you live above a bar (like we used to), work from coffee shops (like we used to) and live life on the road (like we used to) then it’s going to be very hard to be a high performer.

To perform at this new level and to get these new results, we literally had to move to a new part of the country, build a home office and build online courses to get us off the road. I’m not joking, that’s what we did and it took time: just under years to be transparent.

High performance isn’t an after thought. It doesn’t come after the fact, either. It’s literally baked into your routine.

So where can you go from here?

Well don’t start by looking at your current infrastructure. Don’t ‘fix’ what you have. Start by detailing the result you want: Where do you want to be in 24 months? What does success really look like for you?

And then ask: What would someone with that result be doing, be thinking about, be prioritising, be setting up, be actioning? Who would someone with that result know, be reading, be learning, be developing? What would someone with that result be demanding from their life, their diet, their relationships, themselves?

A little food for thought.

P.s. if this resonates with you, I’m in London on 7th September running a DARETOGROW Live Event. It’s a jam packed, transformational evening designed to help you set a new vision for your life, change the way you think about your story and plan out a brand new roadmap to help you get there.

On the night, you will:

– Experience the purpose meditation I use with £10,000 coaching clients and find out what you’re REALLY here to do.

– Find out the exact approach I’ve used to build three six-figure businesses in 36 months over the last 8 years: this approach will surprise you and inspire you to take new ACTION.

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– Fill in your workbook live during the evening to get REAL CLARITY on your life, define your vision and map out the next five steps you’re going to take to make your dream life inevitable.

Tickets are only £65 and there are only 30 places available. I’m not selling anything on the night. Speaking in front of live audiences is a real passion of mine so if you want to kick start your life, meet likeminded people on a journey of change and take action to change your life, then check out the event details here. One night could change your life forever.

I would LOVE to see you there!

Let’s build a new infrastructure together!!


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