How to vlog course cover 2.0

How to Vlog 2.0 is live! The epic course gets an update

2019 is the year of the personal brand. Is the year of YOU!

That story you’ve got? That message you’re holding on to? That lesson you’ve learnt? Oh it’s time to share it. And what better way than in a regular vlog?

I am so passionate about people sharing their stories online. I truly believe there is a group of people out there right now waiting for exactly what you’ve got to bring to world. They want to hear your story. They’re waiting for your message. They’re proactively looking for you and everything that makes you unique.

The key is to help them find you. Some people do this with blogs, others with podcasts. Me? I’m all about the vlog! I think video cuts through the noise better than anything out there. People get to see you, build a relationship with you and follow your journey as you grow, sharing what you learn along the way.

That’s why I’ve built this course – How to Vlog. To help you learn this invaluable skill and start building your audience online today.

It’s a step-by-step online training course teaching you how to vlog. I cover everything: How to capture epic broll, how to edit your vlog in iMovie (adding music and cinematic sequences) and to export it and share it online.

I want you to see that you don’t need fancy equipment to get started – just a smart phone and iMovie or Filmora (editing suites).

Are you ready? Click the link below to learn more and I’ll see you in the training!