Nicola’s Testimonial

“Being on this course is the best thing I’ve ever done – to take the time and the opportunity to invest in myself and to look at what I have, where I want to be and how I can achieve that.”


Nicola joined DARETOGROW / The Online Course in Cohort 6, having completed the free mini version of the course through Facebook.

“I wanted to do the course because I needed to change some things in my life,” Nicola said, “I wanted to be happier more of the time”.

“It’s not that I was unhappy”, Nicola added, “but I knew there was more I could achieve and I wanted to do more of what I wanted more of the time”.

Nicola is a Spiritual Medium, Mentor, Tutor and Author and believes that when the time is right for you to change, the right opportunities and the right people come into your life for that to happen.

“The course has been a game changer for me in big ways. I’ve realised so much about myself on the course – sometimes it takes working with other people who are on a similar journey for you to realise that within yourself…Being on this course has really helped me to understand who I am in a deeper way. It’s helped me to understand not just what I want but what I need to enable my soul to sing.”

As Nicola says in the testimonial video, everyone comes from different backgrounds and different walks of life. What unites us all is the drive to live our life more ‘on purpose’.

“None of us are doing the same thing”, said Nicola, “we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we all have the same theme of wanting to live our lives more on purpose“.

When reflecting on what she took away from the course, Nicola added: “I took away from the course that everything is achievable as long as it fits with who you are and it lifts you up – then everything is achievable.”

Nicola added: “This course has empowered me so much to make the changes I needed to make and really wanted to make. One of the really big things I’ve taken away from the course is being able to break things down and to plan things properly. And that’s what great about working with Lisa. She is living on purpose but she also has a business background. This is important because if we want to make a living doing what we love we also have to think about the business and practical side of things too.”

Nicola, who has invested in formal training in the past said this is the first time she has invested in herself and not in a therapy she can teach.

“And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. If I had to make the same decision again, I wouldn’t change it because it has absolutely been the best decision I’ve ever made – to take the time and the opportunity to invest in myself; to look at what I have, where I want to be and how I can achieve that. You can’t put a value on that.”

“I know I’m going to look back on my life and know that taking this course has been an absolutely pivotal moment in changing how I live my life and what I do in my life.”

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