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Lisa Bean Transformational Speaker


DARETOGROW is a platform designed to show you how to make a living doing what you what. Through my blogs, videos and online course (Make Your Move), I show you how to:

  • Uncover your purpose;
  • Set a compelling vision for your life;
  • Launch your dream business;
  • Win customers you love; and
  • Make a living doing what you love

Wonderful side effects include increased confidence, getting over depression, financial freedom and happiness.

About me

I’ve been running my own business in one way or another since I was 23. I didn’t last very long in the corporate environment because I figured out pretty early on that we all have a special gift – a talent or a purpose. Mine was for helping people to achieve their personal goals…or as I now refer to it: to live their dream lives.

I took my ideas for a graduate coaching programme to my boss at the time and they weren’t so keen. No worries! I left and launched my first business – a graduate recruitment and coaching business. Within a few years I’d grown it to six figures. I sold it in 2015.

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How to make a living from your passions

Meanwhile, I’d also launched another company: a digital marketing agency. Again, I must have figured out the formula because I took this one to six figures by year three. It tripled in size year on year and I had offices in Durham, Manchester and London with an awesome team of eight people. It was a blast but it wasn’t to be. My dreams were calling!

Going right back to the beginning, all I’d ever wanted was a coaching company. I wanted to help people achieve their goals: build their dreams lives.

In 2015, after hitting a real low -I’d suffered with depression for eight years – I decided enough was enough! Life was too short to die miserable and success does not always equal fulfilment. I wasn’t going to build another business: this time I was going to figure out how to make a living from my dreams.

18 months later and I’ve done it – I’ve built my dream business: a platform helping people to uncover their purpose, set a compelling vision for their lives and make a living doing what they love. Hurray!

I also run a consultancy called IX7, helping purpose-led organisations (charities mostly) to have a greater impact in the world through digital media. My focus here is on animal charities and charities that help people get over depression and other mental illnesses.

I currently live in the North East but I’m making plans to buy a villa in Ibiza and live between there and LA. I spend most of my time working on DARETOGROW (because I love it!) and I also bake a lot, run a lot and read a lot.

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Lisa Bean - Transformational Speaker

My invitation to you

Growing up, we’re taught to sit down, be quiet and listen to the teacher. Then we get a job…we’re taught to sit down (9-5pm), be quiet (unless you’re on the agenda!) and do what the boss wants…if you want that promotion that is!

As we move through the different stages in our lives we might look to our parents for approval, our friends for support and the media for what’s acceptable. When was the last time you asked yourself what you want from your life? When is the last time you turned down the voices outside and turned up the voice inside?

I believe we all have a unique and special purpose on this planet. You’re the only one who can bring your version and I’m the only one who can bring my version. It’s up to us to find the courage we need to listen to our own internal guidance system, to take action on our dreams and build the knowledge, skills and ability needed to make it work. No, it’s not easy and yes it’s going to take some work. But, by learning from people who’ve already done what you want to do you can get there a lot faster. You can live the life of your dreams.

In 2015, I thought I’d lost it all. I was £70k in debt (the cost of exiting my marketing agency), I had depression, I was overweight and I wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed. Then, one day, I was asked a question: What would I do if I found out I only had three months left to live? I answered the question, making my mental list. The next question that came was: How did I know I didn’t have three months left to live? Upon hearing that second question, I ran home, wrote down my list and got to work on my dreams. Immediately. That was July 2015. The month I change my life forever.

My invitation to you? Give yourself a chance. It’s time. DARETOGROW and change your life.

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Where to next?


I blog under three main categories: how to uncover your purpose, how to change your life and how to build your online business. I don’t hold back so you’ll find lots of inspiring ideas, questions to get you thinking and free tools to use immediately.

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Online course - build your dream business

Twice a year a run a killer online course! It’s eight weeks long and takes you  through the process of launching your dream business from start to finish. It’s open for enrolment in October and you can find all the details here.

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6 Day Kickstart - free course

Need a little boost right away? Well here you go! It’s a free online video series taking you through the process of uncovering your purpose, setting a vision for your life and making a living doing what you love. Sign up here!

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