[VIDEO] Powerful ways to build an online community

There are a few things you need to consider when building an online community… by following a handful of simple yet effective steps.



How can you do it:


1. Make sure you have a CLEAR mission; what is your purpose? Why are you doing this?


2. Be generous with your content and don’t be afraid about giving away too much.


3. Put on events. Get your community together, there’s nothing more effective than face-to-face interaction.


4. involve your community. Competitions? Q&A’s? Difficult decisions? Ask your community, they’re there out of choice, they’ve invested in you, so ask them. Find out how they feel about that new piece of content or that new landing page. They’re on the journey with you.


5. Go where the people are. Think about it this way; when you’re buying tickets to a gig, you’re likely to go to TicketMaster first, right? It’s the same when you’re selling your product or service. Market it where it will attract the right people.


Finally, probably the most important step…


6. B E  H U M A N – We all make mistakes, were not programmed to get it right the first time. Show up as you, and don’t worry about having a few hiccups along the way.


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