[VIDEO] Batching: An Effective Method to Creating Your Online Content


There’s a little trick to video content creation we use here at DARETOGROW. You’d be surprised how many successful entrepreneurs follow a similar process. We call it batching, much like baking a batch of gooey hot double chocolate chip brownies… oh damn. Woah, sidetracked. It’s a way of creating high-quality video content efficiently and in high volumes in order to free you up to work on your business and focus your energy on other aspects, like sales and growth.


In today’s video I’m going to be breaking down the 4 steps we go through in order to create epic content and get ahead of the game.


THIS is the secret to how we produce so much high-quality video content and still grow our business month on month.


So the 4 steps:




The first step and most crucial step of all is research what your audience needs so you can generate a list of possible titles. You can do this by listening to your customers and connecting with your online audience. Get into the mindset of your ideal client and ask yourself; what do they need? What keeps them up at night? What are they Googling to help them break through to the next level? What are the questions they may not even know they need the answers to?


A useful exercise would be to go back to YOUR mindset when you first started your journey. What were the key points that helped you to get to where you are now?


The aim of this research is to create a key list of themes you can turn into specific video headings, ready for step two.




People always ask Lisa: do you script your videos? She doesn’t now but she definitely did in the first year! She even used to read the text from a teleprompter because she was so nervous!


So yes, you can script your videos, but I’ve got an even better hack for you!


Once you’ve scripted them out, condense the main ideas into bullet points and write them in big bold text on a sheet of paper. Stick that to your camera tripod or on a wall during filming and just share one bullet at a time. You can ‘cut out’ the pauses and the moments you were checking in on the bullets during editing. Boom!


Remember, we’re batching so do all the scripting in one go.




We never film just one video at a time. By the time Lisa has done her hair (no joke), set up the scene, managed to settle down the dogs etc. etc. it would be a waste to film just one video! So she films four and sometimes even six in a day!


If you’re making a selection of videos, spend an entire day filming. If you’re creating a selection of blog posts, spend a day writing them all. Heck, if you’re creating an online photography portfolio, spend a day organising your best work. Do it all in batch to make the most of your set up, mind set and time.




Now that you have an epic collection of videos (or blogs or photos) you can sit down with a cup of tea and post produce to get them ready to share online.


In DARETOGROW we use an online file system called Egnyte. Lisa takes all the videos she’s filmed and uploads them into folders, labeled with the video title.


Matt (our awesome video editor) then spends a good few days editing the videos and creating the wonderful mini clips you see.


Once they’re signed off by Lisa, they get shipped over to me (oh hi, Amy) and I upload them to YouTube and our website, design the covers, get the videos subtitled and between Lisa and I, we do the write-ups (inception much).


This frees up time in the business to focus on preparing for launches, and spending more one on one time with our customers.


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