[VLOG] Why business thrives in person



I’m sure you’ve seen a *FREE HUGS* sign before?


There is a lot you don’t notice about a person when you’re texting or chatting over the phone. Human relationships crave physical contact. I read online once that in order to survive, a person needs at least one hug a day. Let me check that fact… I’m wrong, a former family therapist based in America once suggested we need eight hugs a day, eight! Forget apples, the best things in life are free.


When you’re starting a business, venturing on an unfamiliar path or working towards a specific goal, things tend to become very overwhelming and sometimes, a bit lonely. There’s nothing wrong with working towards building yourself and improving your life, but be aware that, we, as creatures NEED human contact. Don’t allow yourself to stay cooped up inside and isolated from the outside world.


A lot of people tend to believe that if they cut out other elements of their life, they will be more productive and achieve their goals in a $discounted$ length of time. Cutting out time and energy on friendships, relationships and family ties won’t help you achieve your goals. It’ll likely make you feel distant from the ones you care about and resentful towards your ambitions. Making you less motivated and fall out of love with your life and what you’re striving for.


Especially in the world of online business, people forget the impact that face-to-face meet ups can have on your personal growth and the welfare of your businesses. It’s extremely important to be present with your clients, there’s something magical about meeting up in person. There’s an energy in the room that you cannot feel in a video call, an email or a phone call.


Energy = results.


Let’s call it quantum physics, we are just like the big bang, our ideas are atoms (because we are all brilliant atoms) that once collided they create something incredible. Have you noticed the sparks, the ideas that appear when you’re with a group of people? Or even just another person? There are elements within one another that we cannot detect in the pixels. The glow of a genuine smile, the way someone holds themselves within your company. Creativity, humanity, raw connection. It only becomes alive in person.


Pencil in time for what makes you happy. For who makes you happy. Whatever it is that makes the side of your mouth turn up and fill your heart with warmth. Don’t let it slip under your radar and creep off of your calendar.


Oh, and next time you see a free hugs sign, bloody well hug it out.



Writing by Amy Linsdell.