[VLOG 180] Want to read my book manuscript before anyone else?

So the secret’s out of the bag! Not that it’s been a well kept secret!! I’m writing a book. And it’s half finished.

My goal, on this trip, is to complete draft 1 of the manuscript.

But I need your help! I’d LOVE five of you in the DARETOGROW community to read it and help me make it the best it can be before it goes off to the publishers.

That story I missed, that idea I forgot to add…I’m looking for five people who’ve been really following the vlogs and the journey to read the manuscript and let me know what you think.

Press play to find out more and if you think you’re the one to help, drop me a message at lisa@daretogrow.co.uk. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey with DARETOGROW and why you’d love to read it and help.

I’ll pick five people in the next 10 days.

I can’t wait to send this out to you.

Are you in?

Lisa x x x