[VLOG 181] Book that trip and live life on purpose :-)

There are two ways to live your live: in fear or on purpose.

Living life in fear is to make decisions based on worry, anxiety, fear of what could go wrong! It’s either pre-emptive (to protect yourself) or reactive (to fix what’s gone wrong!).

You know if you’re living in fear because you feel frightful of what’s to come, you feel small and slumped, as if you want to duck your head so the world doesn’t notice and come looking to collect it’s due.

To me, it always felt like driving through fog with a headache and a radio dial fixed on WHITE NOISE…and you’ve forgotten your glasses…and your lunch…and your bank cards…and your reason!

Too much?! Hehe. Well, I’m not done there. The word ‘doom’ also comes to mind. As if it’s all going to come crashing down any moment.

My life until 2015! I was up to my eyeballs in debt. I hated my life. And I wanted out.

That is when the journey began…and that’s is when I discovered another way to live. Let’s call it ‘living on purpose’.

Living on purpose is to make decision based on passion, desires: The Future. It’s to ask: Who am I? What do I want to experience in life? How do I want to feel? How do I want to show up in this world? And to act, couragiously, to make those outcomes possible, if not inevitable.

It’s to feel peace, calm – a centredness; power over your life and the direction you’re taking even if it’s challenging.

It’s to think of destiny, not fate. It’s to create and build and contribute from your heart rather than do, act and respond from your head.

You know you’re living on purpose because you feel light yet powerful. Floating, yet grounded. You feel like anything is possible and in fact – it’s inevitable because you’re taking steps towards it every day. You have your head held high, but your shoulders are relaxed. You’ve got this. You can handle this. You’re in flow.

Sounds impractical. I know. It is, really. I’ve also learnt you’ve got to strike the balance between building a purpose driven life and playing a role in the society we’ve built. You still gotta pay those bills hehe!

I say this because I’ve lived life both ways and, in truth, I still flit between the two!! I’m still a student, as we all are really.

That’s why I’ve been working so hard to build an online business so I can ‘check out’ of the daily system of ‘work an hour to get paid an hour’ and really taste what it means to live on purpose.

I don’t just want to change my life. I want to change the frickin’ world.

Don’y you?

So, in today’s vlog, come with us as we move from fear to purpose once again. As we set sail on an adventure of a lifetime to escape the expectations of every day life and create space for wonder, exploration, creativity, culture, food, passion and more.

We’re working as we go. Building courses. Replying to emails. Looking after our amazing clients (Alice is on a coaching call as I type and I’ve just finished setting up Facebook ads for an incredible client).

This is the next stage of our journey.

Lisa x x x

P.s. Did you see? I’ve live in Newcastle, Manchester and London for full day DARETOGROW transformational workshops! Tickets are available now if you’d love to come.

It’s going to be a full day of transformation where you uncover your purpose, reconnect with your vision and form a plan to make your dreams inevitable.

You coming?

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