I nearly quit on my dreams. Twice. I just couldn’t find a way to ‘make money’ as a coach. I was scared. I was tired. And I was frustrated. “Why isn’t this working?”, I’d ask myself.

But then I realised something: I was chasing the wrong frickin’ goal. Being a coach wasn’t about making money. It was about inspiring people, sharing in their journey, helping them achieve their goals.

As soon as I figured that out the whole game changed for me.

I stopped trying to make money and I started trying to get people to take action on their dreams.

Day by day.

Week by week.

Month by month.

Year by year.

I turned up. I made vlogs. I shared my best stuff.

And I set the intention to inspire, to empower, to lead the way through action.

And guess what I got in return?

My dream coaching business.

Don’t quit. Just look at things differently: How can you be of service in the world? If you want to make a million pounds, help a million people. You will be rewarded proportionately to how much you help people 

#DARETOGROW and Launch A Movement

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