Have you ever sat and asked the question: ‘There must be more to life than this?’ or ‘What am I here to do?’ or ‘What is my purpose in life?’.


People often think these are questions of despair but I don’t think they are. These questions often come right before a change: Right before a journey of awakening into life’s true meaning. Your life’s true meaning.


For me, sat on that cold bathroom floor praying for a miracle I remember asking these very questions. I knew…I KNEW…there HAD to be more to life than the life I was living. And that very belief took me on a journey of unimagineable change, growth and transformation to uncovering my purpose, getting over a 6-year stint of depression and making a living teaching others how to change their life.


And so I honour anyone brave enough to ask questions. These are the people who are stepping up, stepping out and changing the frickin’ world.


You see, I believe we all have a unique and compelling purpose and that it’s our mission to become the truest, highest expression of who we are. I believe we’re all here for a very special reason. And it’s our duty to find that reason and build a life around it.


In today’s video then – the second instalment of this brand new free four-part course:


– I’m going to explain what it means to have a purpose;


– I’m going to give you three practical ways to uncover your purpose; and,


– I’m going to share with you my unique definition of happiness.


So grab a cuppa, find a notepad and press play.


This video might just change your life. And you might just change the world.




P.s. Got any questions? I reply personally to all comments. I’d love to know what you took from the video or if you have any questions.


P.p.s Missed the first video in this series? It’s all here – https://daretogrow.co.uk/the-kickstart/ – no sign up required. Have a little peek.