You know when you’re terrified to do something but you do it anyway! And then you walk home like a CHAMPION, bursting with energy (and relief)? You’re beaming the whole way home and you know people are looking thinking (why is she so happy) but you just don’t care?

Hehe. That’s how I felt last week when I plucked up the courage to film the intro sequence to a new video series I’ve just published.

I know that movement catches people’s attending in videos and I really want as many people as possible to watch The Kickstart series. These ideas changed my life and I want to pass them on. So I wanted to film the opening scene moving through a crowd…but not just any crowd…the London city commuter crowd outside the offices where I used to work.

I thought the contrast would be cool – me with my shaved head and khaki jacket in a sea of blues and blacks – and I also felt a sense of ‘coming full circle’ going back to where it all started. I mean I launched my first business in a coffee shop nearby when I was 23!

Am I mad haha?

Take a look and see for yourself. Come behind the scenes with me as I brave a huge fear and whip out my vlogging camera in rush hour, London to film the opening scene to the new video training series.

How did I do? Hehe.

P.s. If you haven’t seen The Kickstart series, here it is. It’s a free four-part video series teaching you how to change your life, how to uncover your purpose and how to (really!) make a living doing what you love. This is the process I followed to get out of debt, get over depression and move from charging £50 an hour as a coach to building a six figure coaching / consulting business doing 5 figure launches on Facebook. The ideas in these videos might just change your life!




I hope you enjoy it!

Lisa x x x