I love discipline, and I want to talk about it more.

Many people have been turned against the idea of discipline and hard work, because we often see it framed as ‘hustle now and sleep when you’re dead’…what?!

I’m not into that. I’m not into working yourself into the ground in the name of the ‘hustle’ – but I do believe in working hard on what matters. This is more a question of productivity: producing what matters; focusing on what matters, doing what matters. Right now, today.

You see, you can’t just ask for something and expect it to appear, I wish! You’ve got to get crystal clear on what you want, ask for it (sure), and then BECOME the kind of person that generates that result in their life.

Here’s my three steps that I cover in the vlog for how to be more disciplined:

(1) Firstly, you NEED to have clarity on exactly what you want. There’s no point working your butt off when you don’t know what you’re aiming for, because you’ll never get there. Once you really know what you want, you can know what kind of discipline you need to introduce into your life.

(2) If you’re finding it hard to be disciplined because you’re feeling lazy or like you can’t face it, that’s okay! In fact, here’s a bit of controversial advice for you – do the lazy thing first. Have a duvet day, sleep in till the afternoon, watch a movie marathon – whatever it is, do what your body is telling you. Get it out of the way, and then you can focus on what’s next.

(3) Lastly, don’t overwhelm yourself with a mahoosive to-do list that includes every tiny thing you need to do for the next 6 months. Instead, do just ONE thing at a time. Introduce the ONE discipline you think will have the most impact, and concentrate on building a habit around that first. The rest will come in time!

Have you struggled to get more discipline into your life? Have you found these three steps helpful?

Watch the full vlog to see me talk you through it. I’d love to know what you think.

All the best,

Lisa x




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My name’s Lisa and I’m a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Vlogger living in Tynemouth, Newcastle (North East). Having built two traditional six-figure businesses by the time I was 30, I knew that ‘success’ wasn’t what I wanted. What I wanted was to be happy. Very happy. And so I set about on a mission to uncover my purpose, get over depression and build my dream life. Now I show others how to do the same.

Also obsessed with dogs, vegan baking and marketing.




In my ‘daily vlogs’, I bring you behind the scenes as I change my life and build my dream business. Each day I show you a new technique for changing your life, making a living doing what you love or building your dream life.

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