I’m going to let you in on a little secret here…And this applies to you if you are a teacher, coach, instructor, partner or just all round good listener and helper…Sometimes us helpers forget – because we’re so focused on helping others of course – that we need help too. Know what I mean?

In today’s vlog, I’m shouting out to all the teachers, coaches, instructors and friends out there holding space for people to grow, develop and heal. And I’m challenging us all to get booked in for an extra class or two ourselves: let’s let others hold space for our needs too this week.

This is something I bring into focus especially when I’m running The Online Course. The more you teach and hold space for others, the more you need to get that space and support for yourself so you can turn up 100% each day. Know what I mean?!

In today’s vlog:

* Some exciting news!!
* One of my dreams is coming true!!
* We work out with our wonderful PT Helen Fitness with Helen
* A shout out to my wonderful friend and Kundalini teach Dev Kundalini Yoga Newcastle and Northeast
* Find out what I battle with DAILY!

Have a fab day everyone!


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