[VLOG #073] What Promise Have You Made To Yourself?

Helloooo and happy Wednesday!

This vlog is a little different but they say variety is the spice of life! So let me ask you today…what promise have you made to yourself?

I saw a quote last week that said ‘Honour your promises to others and you’ll be responsible. Honour your promises to yourself and you’ll be successful’.

It really got me thinking…it’s so easy to spend your day taking calls, replying to emails and making edits but what about the actions that will really change your live and make your dreams happen – those promises we make to ourselves?

Often these are pushed to the bottom of the list until…we leave them for ‘tomorrow’.

Well not any more! It’s time to follow through on the promises we make to ourselves as well as doing what we promise to others. Who’s with me? Say aye!

In today’s vlog…

– Haircuts at Headlines on Front Street – https://www.facebook.com/HeadlinesTyn…

– Behind the scenes as Alice prepares for a coaching call

– What we do to stay motivated and focused on the outcomes that matter

– The best cappuccino’s in Tynemouth!


Let me know what you take from the vlog…and ultimately what promise you’re making to yourself today.

Lisa x x


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