“Always remember that your current situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.” Zig Ziglar.
Today I want to remind you that no matter how desperate things feel, no matter how impossible it seems, no matter how lost you think you are: Your current situation is NOT your final destination…the best is yet to come!
It’s March 2019 and me and Alice have just moved into a 5 bedroom home in Tynemouth. The rent is so high that my mum clasped her hand over her mouth in SHOCK when I told her the amount. Haha.
I said: “Mum, how much did you think a 5 bed with a jacuzzi in Tynemouth would be?” haha. She didn’t laugh but I did hehe.
This is possible for me because I run a 6 figure online business teaching and coaching incredible purpose driven entrepreneurs how connect deeply with their purpose, change their life and make a living doing what they love…and by ‘make a living’, I mean multiple 6 figures! Not just scraping by!
Three / four years ago it was only a dream! A crazy wild unbelievable dream. But, as a mentor reminded me today…”You only need to believe a little more than you don’t believe”.
Everything I am living right house – the house, the business, the lifestyle, the dog (hehe), the beach, the travel…was in that vision book.
And despite it all – the fear, the judgement, the debt, the standing start – I held that vision strong.
Each day, I thought about the life I was building.
Each day, I took a step that scared me.
Each day, I made myself vulnerable and put myself out there in the world, launching products and services from scratch.
Each day, I learnt something new and built new skills.
Each day, I turned up for my clients, my audience and MYSELF!
Everything in your life is a reflection of your vision. It’s a reflection of what you think is possible for you. WHEN THE FEAR GRABS YOU, GO BACK TO THAT VISION.
And give yourself a chance at greatness right now. Expand that vision! DARETOGROW!
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