One of the most annoying things I’ve said to Alice (my girl) over the last 2 years has been “I want more business friends, you know – friends who are building 6 and 7 figure business, friends who are 10000% committed to their growth, friends who are changing the frickin’ world”.

I mean where do you find people like that?!

I’ll tell you where…masterminds, group coaching programmes, events!!!

If YOU invest in incredible people who inspire YOU, guess what?? You’ll find they’ve attracted OTHER people JUST LIKE YOU who are on your level, who are into the same things are you, who are on the same journey.

How frickin’ obvious is that?! Haha. Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?!

In January, I hopped on a call with the incredible Niyc Pidgeon, after six months of complaining about my lack of business friends (LOL!) and three months of deliberation.

I knew it was my next step.

I was ready to invest.

I wanted to step up.

Within minutes of speaking to Niyc, my heart knew I was in the right place. I whipped out my card and invested in her group coaching programme – Unstoppable Success – with joy and excitement.

Fast forward 12 weeks and guess where I am???? Niyc’s retreat in LA! With 10+ other incredible business woman who..guess what..are building 6 and 7 figure businesses, who are 10000% committed to their growth, who are changing the frickin’ world.

I mean hello!!!!

Set your intention. Invest emotionally, invest financially and invest your time. Take the next step. You’re ready. And your business pals are waiting to rise with you!

P.s. If you’re interested in joining Niyc’s public retreat, it’s by application only. Because, you know. It’s pretty frickin’ amazing and Niyc is a pro at bringing likeminded people together. Here’s the link to apply. Mention my name when you do 😉

Apply here

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