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12 Month Group Coaching Programme (with one-to-one calls)

Expand your reach, your income, your lifestyle and your impact: Build an online course or brand new offering and prepare to scale up your business in 2019

E X P A N S I O N is my brand new 12-month Group Coaching programme. This is for you if you want to dramatically scale up your offering to serve more people whilst freeing yourself up to live the life you’ve been dreaming of for years!


For the first time ever, I’m not only going to reveal my in depth, step by step process for building a wildly scalable 6-figure business but I’m going to take you through it in detail, giving you individual advice and providing specific feedback to help you reach your first 5-figure month and 6-figure year. Imagine what you could do in your life and business when you’re earning £10,000+ a month. It’s coming. And I can help you get there FASTER!

I’m here to help you:

Launch an insanely profitable online course, coaching programme or service offering to make your business more scalable

Increase the price of your 121 and face-to-face sessions so your time is valued as it should be!

Hone your cut-through message and build your brand on a national scale

Free up more time to do more of the things you love

Get more time to spend with your family and friends

Build a location independent business so you can holiday and travel all over the world

Introduce structure, process and support to your business to enable 6-figure growth

Learn how to use Facebook / Instagram ads to grow your audience and your sales

Expansion Group Coaching Programme UK Coach

Is this right for you?

Book in your complimentary discovery call with me today. We’ll talk about your business idea, I’ll answer any questions you have and you can see if it’s a right fit for you.


12 month, highly focused group coaching & mentoring programme

Lisa Bean Group Coaching Programme UK

E X P A N S I O N is a highly structured 12 month group coaching and mentoring programme designed specifically for business owners who want to build an online brand, reach 6 figures and have a much bigger impact in the world.


But we’re not just here to talk about it! We’re here to take action…MASSIVE action. By the end of this programme, I want you to have built a brand new offering, such as an online course or group programme and have launched it at least twice. The purpose is to experience the full end to end process of a successful launch, to win new customers and to build a whole new momentum in your brand and online proposition.


Through the strategies and techniques I’m going to show you in this programme, you will not only learn how to build, launch and scale your online course or new service offering, but you’ll also learn how to step up as a leader in your space, how to stand out in a crowded market and how to dramatically scale up the revenue in all aspects of your business.


I will personally review your work and provide you with unique, relevant feedback

Work with me to form your strategy and course or service outline. I will personally review your work and give you direct and tailored feedback to make it the best it can be before, during and after each launch. This covers your course / service outline, your marketing funnels, your ads and your email sequences.


Each week, I will go live via Zoom to answer your direct questions and you’ll benefit from seeing me coach and advise others in the group too! Plus, when you start with me, you’ll get a one hour strategy call and 5 x 30 minute follow up coaching sessions to check in on progress. 


Each week, I’ll ask you to post your work in the Facebook group so I can review it in between Zoom calls. This can cover course outlines, landing pages, Facebooks ads, long copy posts…anything you like!

This includes

Access to a small, private Facebook community. Share your work, ask questions and network with other people on your level.

Weekly training covering how to launch an online course, how to use Facebook ads and how to scale a 6 figure business

Weekly live group coaching sessions via Zoom – come and ask me your questions each week directly on any topic.

1 hour strategy session and 5 x 30 minute follow up coaching / consultancy calls

Access to the ‘How to make videos’ course to take your course and promo content to the next level.

121 feedback

Ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Hop on a call with me today. We’ll talk about your idea, I’ll explain the programme in depth and you can ask me your questions directly.


Isn’t it time for that breakthrough month?


Instead of spending months and months designing your course or new service offering and figuring it all out, I’ll work with you to build and launch your course in a matter of weeks. We’ll aim for at least two launches during the programme to get you well on your way to your first 5 figure launch.


It took me years and years, investing tens of thousands in the best of the best to learn what I am about to teach and show you in the next 12 months.


Are you ready?


The total investment for this programme is only £5000 for the next twenty people who join. Once those places are filled, I will be doubling the price to reflect the value of the programme and 121 support

£5,000 + VAT

Pay in full

£2000 + VAT p/m

Pay over three months

£1200 + VAT p/m

Pay over 6 months

Have you got a question?

Book on for your complimentary discovery call so you can make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.