[VLOG 202] Don’t let the story define you! Keynote Talk from UK Keynote Speaker Lisa Bean

There is work to be done for each of us to have equal rights. I know that. But, honestly? The greater work is the work required by each of us to uncover the story that is holding us back, to face it, to process it and let it go so we can move beyond it. Often, that is the greatest thing standing between us and our dream lives.


The names they called you. What they said you could and couldn’t be. That time they laughed at your plans. None of it matters…unless you let it.


My view on life is that each of us can have, be, do ANYTHING we want in life. It’s there for the making. But, first, we must set the vision and believe in it. Then, we must do the work required to overcome our self limiting beliefs, remove the blocks that are stopping us and live up to the expectation we have of ourselves.


Can you imagine what the world would look like then?