[TALK] People need what you know. Find the courage to share.

I have been talking a lot about ‘story’ recently. Because it’s coming up a lot. When people tell me they can’t do something, they often follow it with one of the following reasons:
– I don’t know if I have enough credibility.
– I’m not qualified.
– What if people judge me?
– I don’t know enough.
– I’m not ready.
– Who am I to share this?
Yes, we can always study more. And yes, qualifications are super handy.
Do you know what your best qualification is?
The fact you lived through it.
The fact you made it.
The fact you have ideas, stories and strategies, THAT WORK, to share.
Do you know, there are people out there today, in the same situation you were in a year or a few years ago and they don’t know what you know. They don’t know where to turn. They need inspiration, help, insight.
You literally have the answer they need, the answer that can help them get back on the path to happiness, safety, healing. And there’s no way, when they see what you’ve been through and heard your story, that they’re going to say ‘Nope, keep it…you’re not credible enough, you’re not qualified, you don’t know enough, you’re not ready, who the heck are you?!’
Put it this way: If I wanted to grow my Instagram account and I had a choice between someone who’d studied social media for 10 years and someone who had 100,000 followers and lots of engagement, I know who I’d pick!!! Ahem, it’s the second one if you’re wondering.
So get out there my friend. Tell your story. Share your wisdom. Teach what you know.
You’re not talking to John or Anne in accounts. You’re not teaching a professor or expert in this field. This isn’t a dissertation or a test. This is life. And someone, out there right now, needs the ideas, tools and strategies you once learnt from some brave soul who dared to share them with you just a few short years ago.
It’s time.