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In the past year, the revenue in DARETOGROW increased by 400%. 400%, that’s a huge increase in revenue. But, with increased revenue comes increased demands: more wonderful clients to help, more exciting enquiries into the business, more content to create.


So how do we manage the balance?


As a team of course!


But wait, before you despair because you’re not quite there yet and you’re hustling night and day solo, remember this…


Before Matt and I came on the scene, Lisa built DARETOGROW by herself for three years, hustling day and night to film, edit, launch and serve. She put in the work.


She had a secret weapon: Intention. She intended to hire right from the start. So, even though she was by herself, she did something business owners don’t always do – she built processes, she invested in systems and she put an infrastructure in place from the beginning.


So, when I joined, Lisa was able to give me access to scheduling systems like Planoly. She gave me process notes on how to add content to the web site, which she shared via our project management tool Basecamp and online file sharing system Egnyte. She even had a checklist for YouTube… And I know why!


Most entrepreneurs report a dip in revenue when a new team member join. Lisa had her biggest month ever when Matt (our video editor joined) and the numbers continued to soar.


This is all because she planned to hire from the start and acted as if it were inevitable. She even mapped out the structure chart showing spots for me and Matt long before she had the money to hire. She has a new ‘future’ structure chart now, but we can’t tell you the spots…yet!


The truth is, if you want to grow beyond £80,000 a year in sales, you will almost certainly need to hire. There is simply too much for one person to juggle. And, by passing on or outsourcing particular tasks that other people can do as well as you (if not better!), YOU can get back to the bits you do best. For Lisa, that’s filming content, building courses, planning launches.


Remember, you can’t grow a business overnight. It takes time. You will need help. Set your vision NOW for the kind of business you want, map out your structure chart and dig in while you get in position to hire.



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