7 books that changed my life | personal development reads 2020

Why do we read?


Some of us read to fill our commutes, others, to educate ourselves and some of us read to pull ourselves out of reality to get whisked away into an imaginary land full of pixies and elves. Nevertheless, we all have a relationship with reading, be it digital, physical or even part of our careers.


Within this broad connection with books, each one of us have crafted different memories with particular books and in most cases, each book has left us feeling something, they have triggered an emotion.


Hours of work have gone into the craft of every single book ever placed on the shelves. Through this, books have the power and ability to cater to all of us. There is a magic behind each title, each quote, each story – somehow they have the power to transport us through time – back, forward and even smack bang into the present moment.


Books truly are life-changing.


And that’s why it was so interesting to sit down with Lisa and ask which books have helped shape her life so much.


If you were asked to recommend a book to someone who knew nothing about you and you wanted to give them an insight into your psyche, or what makes you tick, by one book title recommendation, what would it be? Could you tell them?


Do you ever wonder why certain people are drawn to certain books?


And I’m curious, how do you choose your next read? Do you follow an influencer on social media and take their advice? Do you scour the shelved in bookshops? Or do you take the recommendations from your friends and family? Maybe, even, you’re part of a secret club that has all the best book recommendations?


If so, please share! And meanwhile, we hope you enjoy today’s video. Lisa’s top 7 books – the books that changed her life!




About Lisa Bean:


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