[VLOG 190] Are you a leader? Watch this!

When I first spoke to Niyc Pidgeon and told her my goal, I was shy about it. Is it unnecessary, I thought? Am I allowed to think that big? Niyc said to me in no uncertain terms: Don’t ever hide from your goals. If that is a desire within you then it’s important. Own it. Step up to meet it. There is so much more available to you and your community and it’s your responsibility to step up and lead.


I took a sip of my tea and paused. It was about 7pm on a cold, snowy night in Belgium and I was speaking to Niyc in LA via Skype.

In that moment I had to decide: Do I want to continue as I am, stay safe and play at this level or do I want to evolve, to dramatically push myself out of my comfort zone and step the F up to the next level?

Well, we’re not called DARETOGROW for nothing haha!

I chose to step up and claim my new goal. I am going to build a 7 figure (million pound) coaching, speaking and training business in the next 2-3 years. Niyc is going to help me do it as my coach. And I’m going to vlog the whole journey so you can see what it takes.

Already, I can see major differences in the way Niyc talks, set goals, takes actions, carries herself and leads others. And it is FASCINATING getting a peek into that world.

Within minutes of speaker to her, I felt my own energy lift, I felt my ambition become more attainable, I felt a shift.

THIS is the power of investing in leaders, mentors and coaches. If you want to hit a goal, don’t guess on your own. Find someone who’s already done it and invest to be around them. Ask them smart questions, study what they do, adopt new practices that feel uncomfortable.

Because in order to get a new result, you’ve got to be willing to take new action! But you know that already, don’t you.


P.s. This seems the perfect time to announce something very special!

Next week, I’m opening up 10 spots to my BRAND NEW group coaching programme.

I will be taking 10 incredible entrepreneurs on a journey to launch, evolve and build an online course and hit their first five figure launch.

I will be running a series of videos on this soon but if you’ve been following along and would like to work much more closely with me, with weekly 121 calls, live weekly training via Zoom and my eyes on your work, then watch out for the details or email me at lisa@daretogrow.co.uk for a complimentary discovery call!

This is going to be a game changer!



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