[Vlog 191] I got ill and it scared me!

Last week I got ill, very ill, and it scared me. It scared me because I thought I was stronger. It scared me because everything in my life and business stopped. It scared me because it reminded me how easy it was to fall out of peak state and go back to ‘being normal’.

I don’t want to be normal and I don’t want a normal life 😉

Lying on that sofa I connected to feelings of fear, abandonment and loneliness. I started worrying for people who felt that low. And before one box set was up, I felt like I’d taken on the sadness and despair of the world!

As the days rolled by and I started to retake control of my mind with affirmations, visualisations, walks and positive content on YouTube, I made a series of commitments:

1. I’m going to always tell the truth of this journey so everyone knows there are highs and lows and don’t quit when they have a bad day, week, month or year. You can always get back on top!

2. I’m going to be a shining light and post so much good content so that when people lose their way they can find DARETOGROW and start feeling better.

3. I’m going to have more fun!!! I’m going to learn to ride a motorbike. I’m going to travel more. I’m going to book one of those ‘drive a fast car’ days. I’m going to live life my way!! Just in case one day I get ill and never recover!

Life is for living. We have a right to feel happy and excited and energised. And even if we don’t wake up that way, we can make it that way with a bit of determined effort.