I love the start of a new month! It’s the perfect opportunity to take 5 minutes, close down the emails and the social feeds and ask:

How do I want to feel this year?

Who do I want to become?

What do I want access to in my life?

It’s particularly important to do this in February – to stop and set new goals – because our good intentions from January have worn off, our inboxes are filled with other people’s priorities and the year is in full swing. If we don’t pause, switch off the noise and go within to ask “What do I want from this year”, times slips on by.

So, stop. Give today’s vlog a watch and follow my lead as I remind myself of how I want to feel this year and set four goals for the month ahead to make those feelings inevitable!

Plus, find out what I’m quitting in February and why!

Lisa x x

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How to set goals: my three top tips


(1) How to set goals: feelings first, goals second


My biggest tip is not to start with your goals first. Instead, start by asking ‘how do I want to feel this year?’. Sometimes we set goals that look and sound good but hitting them won’t make us feel any better. So how do you want to feel in 2018? For me, I want to feel happy, free, energised and inspirational.

Once you’ve listed how you want to feel, take each ‘feeling’ in turn and ask ‘What would I have to see, experience, do or know to have that feeling in my life?’. Whatever comes up will be the basis of your goals.

For example, I want to be free. So what does that mean? For me, being free means having strong cashflow from multiple sources so I’m free to travel, free to enjoy life, free to indulge in my baking equipment haha. It also means having free time so I can do more of what I love. So now I can ask ‘Where do I want to travel and how much do I need?’ and ‘What baking equipment do I want and how much do I need for that?’. And, I can think about planning out time to do more of what I love. I don’t have to wait to bake more, I can do that today and start to feel more ‘free’ immediately.


(2) How to set goals: less is more my friend:


Oh my goodness this is so important. If you can’t tell me what your goals are for the month ahead then you have too many! Or they don’t mean enough to you.

Goals are meant to be targets; focal points to head towards. Well how will you ever do that if you can’t remember that they are? I’d say three, four goals max (MAX!) would be a good target for the month ahead.

In this video, I set four goals. Can I remember what they are? Let’s see: sugar free month, page 1 on Google for ‘how to change your life, 250 subs to my online course waiting list and…. Oh man I can’t remember the fourth…I just checked my goal journal and it’s to write and deliver an epic talk for DARETOGROW / THE Live Experience. See I just proved my own point. Three goals MAX!


(3) How to set goals: write them down and re-read them every day!


This is an old school trick isn’t it? But it works. What you focus on you get. Writing down and re-reading your goals every single day (and even multiple times a day) helps to bring them back into focus but it does something else. It creates dissonance between your imagined reality and your actual reality.

Let me explain…

If you’re working towards a goal, the truth of the matter is that you haven’t achieved it yet. But, you can probably picture it: you can imagine what it feels like to have achieved that goal. Plus, if you’re working towards it, you must think on some level that it’s possible and that you can have it, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t actually be working towards it.

Well your brain doesn’t like that gap between your imagination and your reality. It wants to close that gap. By re-reading your goals every single day you’re challenging your brain to come up with ways to close that gap. That idea you just had? It wasn’t random! It was because your goals are on your mind and your brain is working towards them even when you’re not.

So my last tip for goal setting is to write them down and re-read that piece of paper every single day!


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