[VLOG 302] How far we’ve come!

Vlogs are back baby!

Erm…please excuse us for the wind interference on this edit, someone forgot their mic on this occasion ahem. I think Lisa might be a bit out of practise… What do you guys think?

Please enjoy not only the return of the vlogs, but the return of Sasha the Soul-Sista and Betsy the Great! What absolute dreamy DARETOGROW mascots!

Wishing everyone a productive and highly energetic weekend… followed by a cosy, rainy Sunday dinner!



P.s. Did you see Expansion Business School is open for enrolment on 10th November. It’s the last time to join this year and we’re limited to 10 spots.

To find out more and see if it’s a great fit for you, I’d love to welcome you on to an EPIC free two hour masterclass I’m running on Sunday 3rd November at 8am.

The theme is how to build a scalable six figure business doing what you love and I’ll be sharing:

  • The 7 stages of growth we all must pass through
  • My unique way of marketing that enables me to build a business and feel good about it!
  • The mindset required to build a scalable six figure business (it’s not what you think!)

Plus, tune in live and ask me your questions!

Here’s the link to join up. Places are filling up quickly and we’re limited to 100: