Building trust in your online business

[VIDEO] 4 EPIC ways to build trust in your online business

Building trust isn’t a nice to have. It’s an essential part of running and scaling your business.


Why? Put yourself in your customers shoes. If you wanted to buy something, be it a car, a course or a room for a week, you’re going to ask for recommendations, read reviews, check out the seller. You want to know they’re trust worthy before you hand over your hand earned money.


Your clients need to know your trust worthy too. Don’t make them go looking. Give them the proof up front.


There are 4 main factors in building trust in business which I share with you in this video


1. Quality of content – Does your content match the price your customers are paying?

2. Social proof – Can you prove this through your content? R E A D the comments.

3. Offering freebies – Test it out! Offer a free version of your paid course/product/service…

4. Does it feel right? – Is the brand consistent? Is social proof there? Would you invest in you?





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