Will I make it in business

[VIDEO] Will I make it in business?

All entrepreneurs experience it: The fear that they won’t make it, that they should have stayed in their job, that it’s all going to come tumbling down. Most people can’t handle this level of uncertainty and it takes a very special kind of person to manage it and push on despite the fear and the doubt. This video is for those people. It’s for you.

Here’s what I talk about:

1.32 Why you must keep going
2.20 Getting the balance short term vs. longterm
3.20 Should I quit my job?
4.40 How long will it take to make a living doing what I love?
6.25 Why you shouldn’t quit now…
8.26 The key to creating break away content today

DARETOGROW Presents: Will I make it in business?

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