[VIDEO] How to hire a freelancer

9 min watch.


Working with freelancers can be GREAT for lots of reasons:


(1) The project might have a limited timeframe and you don’t need a full time member of staff,


(2) You can get a very specific set of skills for a specific budget,


(3) It’s generally easier and more affordable to bring on a freelancer than hiring a full time member of staff.


That being said, freelancers are different to members of staff. They are business owners in their own right. You’re not their only client. And they are working with you for a set project.


So, here are some specific guidelines I keep in mind to help all parties get the best possible outcome!


Here’s what we cover:


0:48 – You can only have two of these three things…

01:59 – Why you must remember that freelancers do not work for you

03:00 – How to get the exact outcome you want without going over budget

04:30 – What is your role in the relationship?

05:20 – How to give the perfect brief!


DARETOGROW Presents: How to hire a freelancer…