[VLOG 186] Shhh, we all need space!

There is a moment when we explode. When we just can’t take it any more. The demands. The pressures. The requests. At that moment, we take drastic action. We might book a dramatic holiday to give ourselves space. Or we might call in sick and breakdown.

Why do we leave it so long? Why do we wait until the options are so extreme?

If the barking dog in your head just won’t shut up, if you need space from the social media noise, if the demands from people around you are getting too much, take yourself away…

It might only be for a weekend, or a night at a spa hotel an hour away, or you might even turn off the WiFi, run a bath and curl up with a good ficton book.

Give yourself space.

It is in space that the answers come.

It is in space that clarity is possible.

It is in space that we receive guidance on the next step.

You don’t need to justify it.

You don’t need to explain yourself.

Heck, you don’t even need to tell anyone!

You deserve this.

You need this.

You owe this to yourself.



* Back from 21 days away from it all.