[Vlog 185] The only way to reduce fear is to face it

Have you ever had something you’ve been so afraid to do? Speaking on stage? Launching a business? Driving a long distance.

For me, I always knew I wanted to work from anywhere. And by ‘anywhere’, I didn’t just mean that Starbucks around the corner instead of an office. (Ahem, although that was as bold as my vision would go in 2015. Don’t judge!)


I meant…

Work from that romantic coffee shop in Amsterdam as I watched the boats travelling along the canal…

Take a client call in a pancake shop – before devouring a plate of vegan pancakes.

Write from that converted garage loft in Belgium where it was so quiet I could hear every second of the fire crackling behind me.

Am I painting a scene here?

This is what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. On January 7th, me and Alice hopped in the car, punched our destination into the sat nav, crossed the North Sea by ferry and went for it.

I wasn’t afraid, although I was apprehensive…will the car be okay? Will we enjoy it? Will we find our way? Will we be able to hook up to WiFi to stay in touch with our clients.

I’ll tell you when I WAS afraid, terrified even…June 2015. I was too afraid to take a holiday for fear my business would collapse. I was too afraid to stop in case I collapsed! I was too afraid to speak my truth in case people laughed.

But you know…the only true way to reduce that fear is to face it head on. I started by going to the coffee shop around the corner for a few hours in the afternoon and realised nothing was going to collapse. I could still be on email and was contable by phone. I took a few nights off and watched some old movies. I didn’t (quite!) collapse. I started a new blog called DARETOGROW (hehe) and started testing out my ideas and my voice.

Each day, I took one small step. Each day, I leaned into that fear. Each day I acted in faith, keeping the vision strong and learnt everything I needed, when I needed it.

Yes I had my wobbles. Yes I’ve had my struggles.

But at the end of the day, here I am. Typing with that fire behind me and wondering what the next year will bring…if only I lean a little more into that fear.

Will you join me?

Lisa x x