[VLOG 187] The Bridge

Half way across the longest pedestial bridge in Germany on a fresh and rainy Tuesday afternoon, I got it. I got what they’ve been trying to tell me all along…


This trip, travelling across Europe, has been the realisation of a major dream.


Not to travel. That, oddly, has never been a dream of mine.


I’ve only ever wanted four things, and they’re all feelings.


I wanted financial freedom to go and live and work wherever I wanted.


I wanted energy and spirit to wake up inspired and motivated to ‘go’.


I wanted to feel inspirational, showing other people what’s possible for their lives.


And I wanted to feel happy, like I was living the life meant for me.


I set this vision for myself over three years ago, when I was trapped in debt and business, suffering from a six and a half year stint of depression, with no energy for life, l i t e r a l l y hating who I’d become.


I set this vision and I held on to it, through the highs and lows, the successes and the failures. I kept it front and centre the whole time.


“When I get there, I’ll be happy”, I’d say to myself.


“One more launch and we’ll take that holiday”, I’d promise Alice.


“I’ll slow down when I hit that goal”, I’d tell my mum.


Each day, I took one more step along the path…desperate to reach the end of my journey; to hit that high – so my life could begin.


Then, in December 2018, Alice called my bluff. She said “We’re never going on that trip are we?”.


I looked up at her face and I knew she was right. I had been so focused on ‘getting there’ I was missing out on life, now.


That moment, something in me changed. I closed my lap top, called DFDS and booked a 21 day return trip to Europe. Nothing more.


We planned each day as it came. We booked our accomodation on the go. And we went to visit this bridge on a whim.


And that’s when it happened. Half way across that bridge in Germany, half way through a 21 day tour around Europe, half way through my 32nd year on this planet, I got it.


It’s not about the destination. I had that wrong.


It’s about the journey. And mine has just begun.




Here’s for daring to grow.


Here’s to living life now.


Here’s to the journey. It’s all we have.


Lisa x x x