[VLOG 303] Can you build community?

One thing I have become obsessed with is building communities: groups of people with similar values who support each other to hit their goals.


It’s become a focus for three reasons:


(1) Hitting THE GOAL is never really the thing we crave. We crave adventure, growth, connection. That’s all in the journey. So we’d best be on that journey with people who care about us and want us to succeed!


(2) It can be super LONELY being an entrepreneur, feeling like you’re a total alien compared to the people around you. I’ve written about this before, along with my quest to ‘make friends like me’. I want to help others do the same by bringing people with similar values together in chilled ways.


(3) It’s bloomin’ good fun – meeting new people, hearing what they’re up to, seeing how you can help. And there’s almost always cake involved. I mean what’s not to love!


So today, come behind the scenes as I work on building a new community of people, the DTG way.


I think it’s within our power to do this in big and small ways…




Instead of waiting for someone else to do it for us, why not take it upon ourselves to build a community we love…starting today?


Go on – get a group of people together in the next 7-14 days and see what happens.



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