[Vlog 099] Behind the Scenes: Filming Amie’s Testimonial

Testimonial with Amie Vlog

[Vlog 099] Behind the Scenes: Filming Amie’s Testimonial

WOW What a fun day!! Armed with tea, vegan snacks and coffee, me and Alice hopped in the rental and hot-footed it down to Portsmouth in the rain and fog. The mission? To film a vlog style testimonial with this incredible woman: one of the very first people to join the DARETOGROW Online Course.

I’ve been talking a lot about the course lately but nothing can compare to the experience of someone who’s been through the course. The full testimonial is now online and here’s us in action behind the scenes…



Amie was the perfect host – she made us the most delicious vegan meal, topped us up with herbal tea and even showed us the best place in town for coffee and cake.

If you want to see behind the scenes as we filmed Amie’s testimonial, have a peek…p.s look out for the amazing coffee den at the end. Wow, enough of a reason to move down south hehe.

Lisa x x




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