How to get out of a funk

How to get out of a funk…

Have you ever felt yourself, slipping, ever so slightly, ever so slowly… into a funk. The dreaded f word. F*ck off… Not again.

Building a business, scaling that business and taking full responsibility for your life is a bloody hard job. Congratulations to you for taking a punt on your dreams, and following that call in your heart. Like most dreams in life, not everything is going to slip into place with ultimate eaaaaase (don’t give up on it, though!)

Living your dream life takes time and you have to make allowances for off days. You’re only human.

DARETOGROW presents: How to get out of a funk…

To begin with, you need to figure out what it is that is dragging you down.

So start small, rate where you are on a scale of 1-10 in EVERY aspect of your life. Identify what it is.

Write it down: Journaling is not only a great outlet for creativity, but also for mental clarity.

Look around you: Appreciate what you already have, by looking. Open your eyes and see the comfort around you, the safety. Be thankful for what is in reach of you, right now.

Create something: Do you like taking photos? Making videos? Or simply drawing a landscape. Indulge.

Get outside: Nature, man. Nothing heals more naturally than a walk in the park, feel your toes in between the fresh grass…

Most importantly, do something for YOU.