Have you accepted this essential fact about money in business?

This week it’s all about…


Money money MONEEEEEY!


Trust me, It’s not a scary thing, it’s a necessity. Like… water. (unless you live like Leonardo DiCaprio on an island in ‘The Beach’). Or did they have money too? They totally did. Yes, water.


DARETOGROW presents: Accept this about money: The entrepreneur’s guide.



Accept this about money.


A lot of people feel a bit overwhelmed when the dreaded ‘M’ word is brought up. In business, you can’t afford (pardon the pun) to shy away from having conversations about money. It’s the threshold of your business. It’s what keeps you doing what you love, and it’s an absolutely vital element.


Ask yourself:


·      What is your target?


·      How much money do you want to make?


·      Most importantly, WHY?


Get clear, outline exactly what it is you need and then figure out what you need to act on in order to achieve this.


The beauty of making money is the beauty of being able to spend it when and where you want. So, be proud of your money. Enrich yourself and allow yourself to grow by investing in training, personal development, coaching! Buy the books, experiences, and the mocha chocca (oat) lattes that make you warm inside.


Often, in the UK, we’re too polite… we apologise for apologising.


But there’s no need to be apologetic when you’re talking about money. I mean, let’s be real, that’s one of the reasons you’re in business. Not only do you want to change the world, but in order to do that with ease, you want to indulge in a lifestyle that you enjoy.


Unfortunately, that requires money. So, don’t be afraid. Share your concerns and your feelings, T A L K about it.


What are you feeling about money? Ask yourself. These ingrained beliefs may be holding you back.


Want a peanut? Ask Homer.


You are here on this earth and someone out there NEEDS the service or product only you can provide. Don’t sell yourself short. Be reasonable with your pricing strategy and really think about what you’re giving your client, what is it that makes you stand out.


What is your USP yo!


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