Change your business strategy: In action…

You can’t spell strategy without tea… Well, in this case, it was coffee. We know what we like here at DARETOGROW.

We’re back on the vlog this Friday and we’re sharing our day in Tynemouth last week.
The day started with a delightful breakfast at Dil and The Bear and then back to the studio to film.

As the team and the business is evolving, here at DARETOGROW we needed to re-strategise how we’re going to deliver content to you guys. Already, the new approach is becoming a well-oiled machine.

When you’re making changes in your business, it’s important to get support. If you haven’t got a team (yet) then consider surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, purpose-driven entrepreneurs like yourself.

Together, you are in a creative head-space in which you bounce ideas off each other. You’d be surprised how other people’s input can affect your thought processes.

Honestly, it’s like dominoes, one light bulb goes off and then the next thing you know it’s aurora borealis in your living room, or the local coffee shop. It’s a brilliant way to re-design ideas and processes!

About 3 weeks prior to this day the team met in Tynemouth to plan our strategy, including this day of bulk-filming and look, we’ve only gone and made it happen. Manifestation at it’s best.

How many T-Shirt changes did we do?

Nevertheless, 8 videos later. That’s 4 weeks worth of DARETOGROW magic to feast your eyes on, through our new, educational and searchable content.

Once the SD cards were backed up and formatted – we took Betsy and Sasha to the beach and had some chips and gravy.

Oh, we’re in the North of England now.