[VIDEO] The official DARETOGROW TOP 5 moments of 2019!

In 2015, Alice and I made a commitment. We committed to building online businesses, to following our passions, and to building a life of freedom so we could live, work and sleep anywhere in the world.


It didn’t happen over night. It has taken us four years to arrive at this moment. And now that we’re here, I wanted to take a beat to count down some of the top five moments in 2019.


It has been a special – compound effect – kind of year.


Thank you SO MUCH to all of you for watching, listening, and supporting us on our journey. And a special thank you to everyone who has chosen our programmes and events this year. We all grow together and I feel very lucky to be on the journey with you all. Here’s to a cracking 2019 and to welcoming in 2020 with a bang!






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