Write an affirmation and change your life

My personal affirmation – feel free to copy, edit and use if it helps!

“I am a strong, positive and beautiful woman. I am safe, loved, wealthy and resourceful. Whatever I put my mind to I can have, achieve and become. I have the infinite power of the Universe behind me and I call upon it today to help me achieve my goals in 2017. What I am seeking is seeking my and each day I overcome the obstacles I face and take the steps I know I need to take to achieve success. This is my year, this is my week, this is my day. I will succeed. I am succeeding.”


Other affirmations to build on:

“I am worthy. I am loved and I deserve love. I show others how to treat me by treating myself with love respect and care. I honour my own needs and give myself what I want in life.”

“Money is an enabler. It helps me to live out my dream life. I live an abundant life and anything I ask for I can have. Each month, I pay myself first so that I feel safe and secure, with a healthy buffer in my bank. Each month I can afford to buy the things I want and need in life whilst working towards financial freedom. Money flows into me and I am open to receive it.”

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