Three unconventional messages on healing from depression

Can I be honest with you? I had depression for six years of my life. What got me through it wasn’t medication or therapy or counselling. All of those are viable routes for tackling this horrendous and debilitating mental illness, but they couldn’t work for me. The reason being I HATED my life! I hated everything about it and I was lying day in and day out about who I was to the world.


The cure for me, then, was to face up to the truth of who I was and go on an incredible journey of reconnecting with my truth, changing my circumstances and sharing myself more fully with the world.


In order to do that I had to face some hard realities, take total ownership of my own mental health (not an easy thing to do, I know!) and take some rather unconventional steps. In this video, I’d like to share three of the things I did or learnt that helped me move through depression.



I have been scared to share this in the past fearing the backlash but if I didn’t know this stuff, I would still be suffering today. It’s what I needed to hear and so I’m going to trust it’s what you need to hear if you find yourself watching this video.


I really hope there is a message in this video that gives you hope, provides some momentum or helps you think differently about your situation just for a second long enough to take action that will change your life positively.


Please, if you are stuck or in need email me and I will reply:


I want to make it clear, as I say in the video, I am not a Doctor or a psychologist or anything like that. I was diagnosed with depression in 2015 after six long years of suffering. What happened in 2015 changed my life and things have never been the same since.




P.s If you want to check out that free online course I mentioned, here is the link. It’s a series of 7 videos talking you through the journey of reconnecting with your purpose, setting a bold new vision for your future and changing your life for the better. Ready? Let’s go! Find out more >> 


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